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Test Coaching

What sets Bern Designs apart, though, is Bernadette’s commitment to excellence in quality of the product AND customer service. Her work is relevant, timely, and always delivered with a great attitude!

Indigo Kinetics

The site is beautiful and I’m working with her again for the redesign of my second website!

Above Water- Home Organizing

Bernadette was recommended to me after years of wanting to get a professional logo and website. ?With Bernadette’s creativity and expert knowledge, what I thought would be an overwhelming process turned out to be fun and exciting. ?I now feel more confident in...

Skincare by Di

Bernadette of Bern Designs has helped my business in more ways than I can count. I originally hired her to re-do my business website that someone had begun for me. Suffice it to say it was a mess, and I was at a loss as to how to proceed. She asked all the right...

CQ’s Art for Kids

I had the good luck to hire Bernadette Lemberger, Bern Designs, to build my new website. ?She had the task of transferring my brick-and-mortar kid-based business into an online store. ?Working with all the timing issues with the studio – Bernadette managed to...

Qi Harmony – Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Bernadette designed the Qi Harmony logo and my new business cards which I love! She also built and maintains my website. I love the clean look of my website and she has captured the relaxed healing environment of my office in both the website and the business card....